Delivery Information

The www.myboxpackaging.co.uk is pleased to announce that we have the fastest turnaround time in the town. We are considerate of the fact that our customers have valuable time. So instead of lurking them in the middle, we speed our process and work to serve them at once. To gain a further better and clear understanding, we have divided our turnaround period into two categories so that we can serve our customers in a better way. One is standard shipping, which takes the usual time, and the other one is rush orders which are completed quickly and delivered to our customers. The standard time for shipping is 8 to 10 business days that we proceed after getting the final approval from you. The emergency or rush order is delivered to you in 4 to 6 business days with additional 25% charges for rush orders. We deliver the best boxes to your doorstep.
We have several options available that keep our customers updated about our promotions and discount offers. We send emails, newsletter to those who sign up, promotional content, coupons, sales date so that no one misses the chance to get the best of the boxes. Our templates and magazines also update the customers about the events happening at our stores. The purpose of keeping track of our updates is to inform you about the new offers and launch of new products. This way, one can avail of the best services at the best price. We constantly strive to keep our customers updated about the new launch of products and offerings by our well-developed marketing and advertising plan. Keeping an eye on all of our actions will help you to get the best of boxes at a discounted rate. Using the coupons will help in significantly reducing the cost.

Payment options 

The prices of our boxes are written on our site so that customers can get the complete knowhow of everything. We provide convenience to the customers, and they can opt for any payment method that suits them. The options that we accept are Master Card, Visa card, and PayPal. We make sure that payments are secure and there is no chance of any error. But we still pay attention to the methods that one opts for and do our best to serve them.

Cancellation policy

The order cancelation can be done in the early phase. But after receiving the approval from your side and then processing the orders, we are afraid that we cannot do much about the cancelation part. After printing has been started, no order can be canceled. There is no refund in case someone has paid an advance amount. However, if someone needs to make some changes before the processing, they can contact our support team. We demand no extra or hidden charges and have a very transparent process of receiving orders.


All the designs available on our website are our authority, and we do not allow any other party to use them for their use. Using our designs without our permission can create a confusing state, and we will take action against that person.


We feel proud to say that all of our policies and work were done under the production unit is done according to the laws set by the UK government. We have an accessible website, and anyone can reach out to us. If someone faces a problem in reaching our site, then they should consider the demographic patterns, and we advise them to abide by the laws set by their government and not to indulge in any wrong activity.

We suggest a look at our terms and policies so that there is no confusion in the process. We have full right to terminate the person if we find him breaching our policies. We offer free shipping all across the UK; however, standard charges might apply outside the UK.