Display Boxes

Cardboard is just like hard material. It is made up of corrugated material. It is used to make boxes and it has also a role in packaging. These boxes are used to display your selling products to the customer and will definitely increase your selling rate. These display boxes are used for showing your products in a good way.

In the modern era, these boxes are commonly used everywhere in a variety of different ways. Just like for the manufacturing of cartons, boxes for the supply of foodstuffs such as cookies, soda, snacks, and candies. These boxes are used in the packaging of different materials. Sometimes packaging looks very impressive for the general population and people mostly like them. These boxes are found in almost every mall, superstore and in the supermarket because these boxes showcase your products to the customer.

Types of Cardboard Boxes used in Packaging:

There are many types of cardboard boxes that are used in packaging. For example, shelf-ready boxes, archive boxes, but the most commonly used boxes are the following:

-Folding cartons:

People mostly see these boxes at retail stores. Example, cereal box.

-Rigid boxes:

These boxes do not fold as other boxes. These boxes are used for the storage of heavy products. Example, an iPhone box.

-Corrugated boxes:

These boxes are also known as brown boxes and are used for packing home stuff in shifting.

Different Methods of Packaging:

There are some methods of packing goods which are given below.

Anti-corrosive Packaging

  •   Pharma Packaging
  •   Plastics Packaging
  •   Flexible Packaging

Use of Cardboard in Packaging:

For the maintenance of the business, you need to be sure that your products are well-protected. So that is why the packaging of the products must be great enough to prevent any kind of damage. Cardboard boxes are stronger boxes than other boxes that are made up of paper and are the best option for packaging because it is the most secure material for packaging and shipping. We can also use it for shipping purposes because they can hold much weight and can be easily recycled. Cardboard boxes also provide protection and support to the goods therefore, companies should use these boxes for the transportation of their products on a daily basis. It also provides strength and resistance to the products. The regular slotted container is the most commonly used design of the box that is used for transportation, and it is the best material used for the packaging because of the following reasons:


Cardboard can easily be converted into any shape according to the size and shape of the products. We can utilize advanced Cardboard designs nowadays, and it is used for the multiple types of packaging and cardboard can create many forms that were thought impossible. In some places, some brands give many ideas for using cardboard after packaging for further purposes to prevent the wastage of cardboard. The cardboard box has versatility such as clothing brands use cardboard packaging to display their clothes. These boxes can easily be transformed into clothes hangers later.

Ideal branding

Brands use plain cardboard to promote their brands because cardboard can easily be transformed into any color, shape or size. Cardboard is easy to print on. Brands use it for personal packaging by using different colors and logos. It helps to make your brand easy to identify because as we said previously that it can be easily transformed from dull packaging into exciting and unique packaging. You can easily convert cardboard into an associated style or design according to your choice or company demands.


It is a fact that cardboard packaging is recyclable. It gives many advantages to the consumer as it is easy to dispose of, and does not need any special treatment to get rid of it. Cardboard again can be made of recycled material, and there are many places in Pakistan to recycle cardboard, and it will be easy for the councils to pick up cardboard from the recycling collection area through their recycling collection program.


Cardboard is a cheap paperboard than other expensive packaging solutions such as plastic. It is a good option for the business of any size if we compare cardboard to the other packaging products. Corrugated cardboard is an easily affordable paperboard than normal cardboard for everyone because it requires less material, and it is lightweight too.

Cut-transportation cost

The packaging does not add too much to the weight of the product overall just because it is a lightweight material. Using lightweight packaging will reduce the cost of transport by saving fuel because it makes products easier to transport & cost-effective as you save on fuel when you save on weight. Regarding transportation, cardboard is also very durable making it the best packaging material.