Fold And Assemble

As the name depicts, Fold and Assemble boxes are manufactured in a way to serve packaging needs whenever product requires. Particularly, these boxes are shipped in a flat condition. The manufacturer of products has to fold them and package products inside them. As a result, these boxes serve a complete purpose in the industry.

The world has numerous kinds of products that are mainly unbranded, kept in bulk, and sold in retail. Whenever a customer comes, then the seller packages the product into these boxes. Moreover, these boxes are ready packaging solutions for retailers, shop owners, and food sellers. Furthermore, these boxes come at a low price. That’s why every order of these boxes come in thousands.

If you are in need of this packaging for any purpose, then MyBoxPackaging.co.uk is ready to take your order. You will get your demand manufactured in 4 to 6 business days. Moreover, you will get free shipping anywhere in the world. Furthermore, you can order as little as 100 boxes at a time.

Why prefer Fold and Assemble packaging?

These boxes are prevalent in everyday business because of their usability. Their benefits provide such a great value for the business that the cost is considered as a justified cost. We will show you some undeniable benefits, which will convince you to order your first consignment.

Compatible with all retail products

The best thing about these boxes is universal compatibility, which enables a businessman to use them for various packaging needs. For example, a bakery owner has to sell food items, which require to package them in boxes. However, all other packaging is expensive. So, these boxes provide a satisfactory solution to the bakery owner. This way, a bakery can sell fresh food rightly packaged in boxes.

If you take the example of the industry made items, such as undergarments, hosiery, nails, clippings, and more, then a distributor can provide unbranded items in these boxes to all his retail customers.

To summarize all compatibility, any business owner can use these boxes efficiently for good packaging purposes.

Protection of the product

Every businessman wants the safety of his products from the manufacturing point to the sale point. However, at the sale point, things get a little messy. It’s due to the handling of employees.

These boxes are made with tough, durable, and sturdy material, which safeguard everything inside from all damaging hazards. If you are a retailer and worry about your product safety, then you can use these boxes to save you from loss.

Low cost

Every business is the game of saving the cost of service, which adds to the profit and create net earnings. If the packaging cost is high, then the business has to suffer a loss in profits. Conversely, if the packaging cost is low, then the business can earn greater profits.

These boxes are made to lower the cost of packaging. You can order one thousand pieces at a cost, which is negligible compared to other costs. For example, if a product is worth $10, then this box will cost 20 cents per product, which is negligible if you have a large turnover.


The prominent thing about these boxes is its availability. Every packaging company offers these boxes wholesale. If you are living in a big city, then you can find more than 100 businesses offering these boxes. That’s why getting these boxes is not a time consuming or difficult task. You just have to call some people, and you will get these boxes.


These boxes are durable in all aspects. If you keep them in storage, then they will remain good for a long time. That’s why you can use them to store every kind of product. Many manufacturers store their raw material in warehouses by using these boxes.

If you are a business owner that has to store things for future use and do not want to spend much, then you must use these boxes for packaging things. These boxes will satisfy your purpose at a very low cost.

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