Food And Beverage

Food and Beverage boxes are the most commonly used packaging solutions in the world. They are used for all types of processed as well as freshly cooked or baked edible items alike. They are manufactured with 100 percent food-grade manufacturing materials. The materials that are used for the manufacturing of these boxes include cardboard, kraft, paper, and corrugated cardboard stocks. All of these materials are 100 percent safe for food items, and they can protect the edibles from environmental hazards such as dirt, moisture, and insects, etc. These boxes are available in any required shape, size, and design, considering the requirements of the items that are to be packed in them. Since they are made up of organic and food-grade material, they can not only be reused but also recycled easily. There are several exciting finishing options available for these packages, which not only enhance their protection level but also make them more eye-catching.

Why choose MBP UK?

At www.myboxpackaging.co.uk, we manufacture the boxes for food items and beverages with extreme care and consciousness. We believe in 100 percent satisfaction of our customers. It does not matter how smaller or larger your order is, satisfying our customers with the finest packaging solutions is the only goal that we want to achieve. We have been providing our customers with the finest packaging solutions for more than a decade now, and we claim it with pride that we have a long list of satisfied customers across the United Kingdom as well as other countries of Europe. It is our consideration for the customers and dedication to complete the work within the given time that makes us stand out among the other packaging vendors. That is why our customers always confidently come to us whenever they need the best packaging solutions for their personal as well as business needs.

Customizations that we offer!

We understand that these boxes are to be used for the items that are not the same in shapes, sizes, nature, and quantity. That is why we offer various customization opportunities through which you can get these boxes altered according to your requirements. The following are some of the major customization options that we offer to our clients.

Choose the right size: The importance of choosing the right size of the packaging solutions can never be overlooked. And it goes even higher if you are using them for edibles. It is because of the fact that most of the food items are of a fragile nature, and they can be damaged due to the improper size of the package. And this is one thing that no food vendor would ever like for their products. That is why we offer our customers to choose the size of these boxes in any size they deem the most appropriate for their products. The customers can choose the size of the box using millimeters, centimeters, and inches scales. This way, the customers can choose the exact size of the box that is suitable for their products.

Design support: We offer our customers free of cost design support for these boxes as we understand the importance of designing in the packaging. We also understand that designing is a crucial task, and one might get exhausted in doing it. That is the reason we provide our customers with free of cost design support for these boxes. We have a dedicated team of highly competitive and professionally skilled designers for this purpose. Our designing team can make a fresh design from scratch as well as have to ability to make alterations in existing design and make it according to your requirements. You can ask more about it from our customer care center.

Lowest minimum quantity: At www.myboxpackaging.co.uk, we provide our customers the liberty to order these boxes in the lowest minimum quantity, as low as 100 pieces in order. Also, we guarantee that the quality of the packaging solutions will never be compromised due to its quantity, be it as low as 100 pieces or 50,000.

Free shipping: We offer free of cost shipping of Food and Beverage boxes across the United Kingdom. Free shipping can be availed on ordering these boxes as low as 100 pieces only. Please note that free shipping is for the customers inside the United Kingdom only. If you need these boxes outside the kingdom, you will have to bear standard delivery charges as well. 

The average time that we take for an order to be delivered at your doorstep in 8 to 10 business days once the order is confirmed. And if you need the packaging earlier than that, you can go for our exclusive expedite delivery service that promises the delivery of the boxes in just 4 to 6 business days. Please note that expedited delivery service comes with minimal delivery charges. For more information about these boxes, you can contact our customer care center, where our experts are available to guide you in matters related to packaging and printing services. You can get in touch with us through chat support, dialing our phone number, or writing to us at support@myboxpackaging.co.uk