Privacy Policy

The reason why www.myboxpackaging.co.uk is considered a responsible business is that we are highly strict in handling the business privacy of our clients.

Commitment to Privacy:

In this privacy policy, you will have to agree on our terms regarding information collected on our business website that you are aware of nit completely.

www.myboxpackaging.co.uk is serious in both maintaining and keeping the private data of our trusted customers during their visit to our website. We keep the confidential data of our customers during the order, shipment, and visit processing. Our clients can trust us in this that we do not perform any misusing and selling to the information that we collect during different processing times to any third party business. We make sure this that the information that our customer will share with us will stay safe with us.

 We do not do any kind of business that is not legible or under the age of 13. Our policies are prohibited in collecting the information of these individuals. By agreeing on our privacy terms, you are allowing us to show or make the information that we are collecting from you public for any kind of juridical processing if required. And for this, we are considering it to be legal from court orders that we claim for our business website. 

Usage of and storage of critical information:

In doing business or sharing your critical information like bank account details or any other personal information with us, you are allowing us to share all of this information with different banking institutes and shipping companies. In short, you are allowing our service providers to utilize your personal information in different steps of order processing. However, we are strict in the utilization of this information that it will only be used during the bill payment of the purchase that you are making on getting our services and products. All of your financial information will only be accessed by us while making the transaction of your purchase and nothing else.

We allow you to have the full authority that as a client or visitor of our website, you can change your recorded information at any time you want. Even if we require to share the confidential information of our client with any other third party, we will verify it from the first. However, in any circumstances, we do not prefer to utilize your legal information for any kind of misuse and selling purposes. What we will do with your information other than the transaction is to utilize it for our business promotional strategies, nothing more than that. From your provided information, we will keep you updated with our new coming offers, services, and policies that you should have known about us.

About security:

As the internet is not a safe place to share your personal information so we cannot give any kind of guarantee for the security of the information that you are sending us from utilizing different means of the internet. However, to make sure that our client can remain trusted in this, we utilize Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption. This layer allows us to maintain the flow of your information, which is that not any kind of your personal information will receive or sent anywhere without going through the servers of our office premises. For doing this, we make sure that this layer only responds to our systems during the passage of your information. It is the step that we take place as a responsible packaging supplier business.

External Links:

From our responsible behavior, we can assure you about the security and integrity of our website. Our relationship with other suppliers is necessary in order to compete better in the market. And for this purpose, you can see different kinds of external linking on different pages of our website. However, we are strict about this that we do not take any kind of responsibility for all of those external links and relationships. They are totally responsible for their selves about their linking. Users cannot claim our privacy policy to be irresponsible if any of these external links take them to different web pages other than our website. It is why we encourage our clients to read our privacy policy carefully as our policies are only responsible for data collecting that is held on the page of our website, not any other external link.


www.myboxpackaging.co.uk clears this that in order to utilize our website, you have to enable the sharing of your cookies. We utilize cookies that you have recorded on your web browsers during your connection with our website to verify your details as an individual. However, if you want to remove your cookies, you can go through the settings of the browser that you are utilizing and disable them at your own will.