Returns and Refund Policy

We here at My Box Packaging UK strive to provide our best. So you have peace of mind and get what you want. For that, we try our best to make sure that everything is done according to the desires of our customers. We also ensure that everything is done on time. But if there is anything that our customers do not like, we do have a return and refund policy. Here is the complete policy of returns and refunds.

Defects from the company’s side

When there is any difference in the order, you get. Like a difference from the requirements given during the placement of the order. Not just this, the difference in order from the digital proof or sample sent to the clients. When these differences are there, it becomes the responsibility of our customers to communicate us the fault or difference within 3 days after delivery. We cannot provide a refund in this regard, but reprinting will be provided. The reprinting option will be provided only when any fault is caused by our side during any step of the manufacturing. But it is done after a detailed investigation. Our highly skilled professionals will review and analyze the delivered items and determine the cause behind the damage. The clients must send us a reprinting order after they have decided that the fault was from the company’s side. Vital documentation, proof, and photos that highlight the defects are also required to send within seven days of receiving the request. And these are all at their expenditure.

Defects from the customer’s side

Our team fully analyze every matter with skills and professionalism. It takes some time to determine the real cause behind any defect or fault. But when our team found that the fault is on the customer’s side who has received the order before or at the agreed date of shipping and yet the client is demanding a chargeback, then here is the policy. The client will have to return the entire order in the exact condition as it was delivered. Then the chargeback will be given after deduction of some charges. It is because the fault was not from our side, so the customer has to bear some costs. That is why these are going to be deducted. These costs are as follows:

  • Delivery or shipping cost of the items
  • Charges of setting up the products
  • Cost of printing the products
  • Billing cost is also deducted