Term & Services

Below are those terms and conditions on which our client or any visitor agrees while using our website. www.myboxpackaging.co.uk has the complete right to change any of our policies, conditions, and agreements at any time, even without giving notice. To clear you further, MBP is the sole manufacturer of our provided products, services, and materials that we utilize for our products. We do not relate to any third-party application or website in order to gain our products. It is our own will that we share our custom printed boxes with our clients as a free sample for display and testing purposes. It is to give our clients the idea of our expertise in manufacturing boxes.

Notice for Copyright:

You should be well aware that all of the information and content that you will get to see on our website is under our own, which is www.myboxpackaging.co.uk. All contents included with written maps, designs, data, images, and the software, each and everything that is published on our website is legally ours. So without any legal permission and our allowing, no one is supposed to copy, republish, reuse, store, and distribute our content on any transmission channel. We are the owner of all kinds of modifications that have been done on our website, so no one can copy our material for their personal and public usage.

 User conduct on the website:

After agreeing to our terms and policies, now you know that any kind of data, image, written material that you upload from using our website is displayed by us on our website. We are not allowed to accept any kind of data that you upload on our website and name it as “Our Website Content” that you have taken from any other third party website or organization without their confirmation and permission. It includes all of the trademarks, designs, and images that you are utilizing from them. You are well aware of not uploading any kind of obscene and unpleasant content that can cut out our different clients. You do not have the permission to infringing the scholarly right of any other third party business website and www.myboxpackaging.co.uk.

On our customers and visitors, we do not have any kind of authority if our customer shares any obscene and unpleasant materials. www.myboxpackaging.co.uk will only be responsible for our content, not the one that is uploaded by the customer, whether it is against morality or law.

www.myboxpackaging.co.uk has the right to remove any kind of unpleasant, unlawful, abusive, and retarded. But keep remembering that it is not our responsibility and duty to remove any data and terms and conditions of our website that you find objectionable according to your thoughts. We have all the rights of keeping, uploading, and publishing the data that is posted on our website by our clients for any requirements such as:

  1. For any juridical purposes.
  2. For the applying of our terms and conditions.
  3. If the content is a third-party violation category.
  4. For keeping our customers and their wealth safe.

If you want to receive perfect delivery of your products and our services, make sure that you have provided the right information on our website. www.myboxpackaging.co.uk is not designed for any automation, so the only usage that is allowed is for humans. If we see any violation and misusing of our website content, we will take judicial action against it after finding it illegal.

In order to make your order on our website, make sure that you have all the authorities and legalities for placing the order. Anything unique that you order to get from our website, the company will proceed to make it on your behalf solely. Make sure that you are of sufficient age in placing an order. And you are of the age on which any judicial proceeding can be applied if you get to see or experience anything regarding our website usage.

You will have the obligation and legalization to make your password-protected on your end, which you have added during the registration step of our website. If anyone accesses your password by any means, it will be considered as to be on your behalf if that someone orders our services from your account. In short, you are allowing the website when you have register yourself to create, reuse and place an order any time you ask, whether it is from you or from the one that has access to your account.

If you are looking out to utilize our features and services, our website needs to store your email, contact, and names for future access. If we find anything un-clear, we are allowed to ask for any personal information that is necessary. You on yourself are responsible for protecting the password and account from which you have a sign up on our website. If somehow any misusage of our website from your account occurs, it will be your responsibility.

By agreeing to our privacy policies, you have acknowledged to us that you have written all of the mentioned policies and conditions. You are admitting that any kind of usage can occur on your provided information from the website, and by admitting, you are confirming that you understand all of our policies and terms regarding your personal information.

Indemnification & Limitation of Liability:

By agreeing on this, you agree to defend and indemnify from and against any claim or damage that is un-proven and done intentionally by any user. You ought to defend the reputation of vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, directors, employees, and affiliates from these false allegations. Here are some conditions that you need to consider first in protecting our company from any destruction or vandalism: (1) You ought to protect the company from asserts. (2) You do not have to tip on any verdict award. (3) You have to pay the fees if any judicial proceedings come up.

If any party files against the incidents that have been caused by the utilization of our website, it will not be our responsibility. Our company does not hold the responsibility of any incident like death, accidents, or any sort of hazardous event to our marketers, workers, and employees during the utilization or usage of our website. No relevant authorities will be entertained if such incidents happen from the utilization of our network or website.

We are not responsible for damage and losses of any kind that you will get from the usage of our website, and you agree to this agreement. We are not ought to pay any kind of amount other than if anything related to your order or request.

Refund and return policy:

The acceleration charges that we apply on urgent deliveries are not refundable. If you find any defect in the printing of the products, or in case somehow you received a product which is not printed according to your given requirements, you have to inform our management team within 3 working days. Our inception team will decide after seeing the product, and in case the defect is there, we will reprint it. But remember, we are just offering the reprinting, not refunding. You have to send the digital photo of the defective printing of the product within 7 business days if you want to get it printed again. After that, the product will be solely yours, and we are not responsible for the defective printing.

Order Placement and cancellation:

The company will only start working on your requested order once you have paid your amount of the purchase. It also includes the amount of taxes, shipping charges, and others. You need to be sure that you are paying from an authentic resource. The amount that we use is in USD, which is the US dollar. So make sure that you are paying in the same requested currency.

The user is liable for sending out the final form of the file that you have received the product or our services. This sending can be done in both hardcopy or electronic file format. Once you clear us that what printing you want for your order, we will send your printings to be done from the press department. Once we send your order for the printing purpose, no adjustments would be made instead of delivering time and design. After approval, you have the liberty to cancel the order within 4 hours. From the total amount that you have paid for our service that you have canceled, you are going to pay 25% of it and 5% of that total amount. If you want to have a limit of 24 hours for canceling the order, you will get the cost of 50% of your order to pay. It is due to the wastage of resources that the company has made during the manufacturing and creation of your order. After the limit exceeds 24 hours, the company is not going to give you an allowance for canceling the order nor accept it.

Design orders:

www.myboxpackaging.co.uk does not refund or accept any kind of cancellation of designing related services. It is why customers cannot claim any kind of refund once they click on the cancellation button on our website.

Policy regarding the tax:

Our customers that are ordering within the state of IL are going to pay for the sales tax. If the customer is tax-exempt, he will have to send the certificate of the exemption during the time of order placement.

Files submitted by customers:

Our artwork and designers need to have your artwork during the placement of order so that the designers can produce new ones. 300 dpi is the size and format of the file that you are going to submit your artwork, and it should be in CMYK format. The company or designers are not responsible if you are utilizing other formats, and your printed designs will be in blurred and unclear format.

Our designers and service providers take every precaution to make sure that our customers get to see the perfect ordered results. The customers are not directed to give any blame on us if they do not get what they were expecting. www.myboxpackaging.co.uk has the required format of your artwork, and once you have uploaded it on our website, we will make sure you that it is your own property under the law.

The company has reserved all the rights to cancel or decline any request that is made by the customer if we think and assumes that it is against the law. You will have the responsibility of your order creation direction, and the company will not claim the product that you have designed from us if it is un-lawful from any aspect. Any offensive and abusive kind of printing would not take place from our designers.

Proofs and Color Accuracy:

After receiving the order, customers have to verify their order creation and take it from an electronic or hard copy source. Once you sent the agreement, the printing tasks and your requirements will send to the printing press. Be sure that you are submitting all the necessary documents and placements for printings in a given time. The company will not accept any kind of delays as it is your sole responsibility to direct us about your requirement. After the approval of the agreement, you can make sure about the turnaround time of our website.

Before agreeing on any contract, you have to make sure that you are going through all of the contract and terms. You have to make sure that your file is free from all kinds of errors, spacing, color dysfunctionality, and picture position on your end. Because once you submit your file, our designers will print it according to the file without noticing your mistakes. With products that have laminations included, we are not responsible for these kinds of printed versions.

Again, the customer is responsible for the file that he has sent us after approving the process.

Due to built-in laminations, adjoining pictures, and the guarantee that color cannot be accurate, we do not provide any kind of surety that your order will have the artwork exactly like that you have submitted to us. After agreeing and continuing, you are accepting this dysfunctionality term. We ensure you that our employees work their finest utilization to make sure that you will get the finest quality of your ordered product, but color alterations can take place due to some limitations of systems. On the printed products, we do not take responsibility for matching colors, ink, and density of printing. However, if you submit hard proof of your file, you can surely get the guarantee of color precision and matching. You have to get this in your notice that the submitting of hard copy proof will cost you more than the soft form. There will not be any kind of reprinting for color re-matching and alterations.

Here are some kinds of errors on which www.myboxpackaging.co.uk do not give any surety:

  1. Spelling, grammar, and font mistakes.
  2. Punctuation, graphics, and any kind of percolating marks.
  3. Die lines, cracks in folds, and cropping marks.
  4. Over-printing.
  5. Finished product size difference.

Gang Printing:

Customers can rely on us that we do not utilize any kind of gang printing and other combined printing techniques even though we are allowed to use any kind of printing that can give our customers the best results according to their submitted requirements.

Overruns underruns:

Our company delivers the exact amount of order that our customer orders also we deliver an extra amount in case of any causality. This adding up of extra amount is free of cost. The company will only deduct the amount of the products that you get, not more than that. We have the general rule of delivering 5% of the order that customer is getting from us.

Shipping, delivery, and production speed of orders:

When the customer confirms the payment of the order, submits the artwork in either hard or soft form, and agreed on the content that you have shared after that, the printing is sent to the department of the press, only after all of these steps our production time, delivery speed and turnaround time will starts. You can lessen up the number of days and shipping time from our website. The company and our providers are trying their utmost effort in sending and delivering your order within the given time. In case something happens during the delivery or shipping process, www.myboxpackaging.co.uk does not take responsibility for the causalities that are happened during the time of shipping. The customer agrees upon the agreement that we are not responsible for these kinds of factors that are not controlled by us. If you get any kind of printing process problems, you will be refunded. Though you have to take into consideration that cancelation is not acceptable, that is caused because of delay in printing or receiving.

It is your obligation as a customer that you have to clear the charges of shipping products if you are from outside the USA premises. You have to pay the full amount of shipment and custom duties according to your location. We deliver products in 10 to 12 working days, and our customers can also have the service of urgent deliveries, which is 6-8 days (2-3 for ground shipping). And in the premises of USA, the delivery does not have any kind of weight and quantity limit. If you are ordering to extra-locations, you will have to pay extra. It should be cleared that our company is not responsible for the incidents that can happen in the shipping process like transportation delays, loss, and damage of products. For re-shipment in the case of wrong information or mistaken submission, we will charge extra charges for re-shipment. Though, our company is not responsible for any kind of responsibility of the losses during shipping.

Changes to our Website and Terms and Conditions:

Without any given notice to the customer, www.myboxpackaging.co.uk is allowed to modify or transform the terms and conditions anytime. The changes or updates that we do in our services will be the new rules at the changing time and applied after the submission on our website. If you are using our website after the update of conditions, it is considered as you have agreed to our latest conditions.

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