How to Design Decorative Gift Boxes with Lids at Home

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14 Oct, Admin, 619

Getting decorative gift boxes with lids are becoming more popular these days for different types of events. People are manufacturing these packages at home as well to save money. With some creativity, you can decorate your box in a lavishing way. Here in this article, you will learn about different designs and ideas from which you can decorate your gift packages at home.

Paper Beads

Paper heart beads are easy to find or create. You don’t have to worry about the sticky glue placed on the box. Just make some holes in the box and cape your paper beads around and inside the box. Then by placing lids on the edges of the paper beads and box, you can create your boring cardboard boxes into a tremendous one. All you have to do is to use your imagination and creativity.

Oversized Tissue Flower

In this style, you can take a tissue paper flower to decorate on your cardboard packages. Once the flower is on top, make two holes on both of its ends and tie it with the package. Then take the lid and bind it around the box and then tie up the flower to the box using the lid. You can decide the color of the flower by your choice. Just make sure it combines right with the lid.


Potpourri is known for its heartwarming fragrances. You can use this fragrance to make your gift boxes smell perfect. Not just this, you can also stick it on the top of your box. Using a glue gun, stick some beautiful small lids around the package and that potpourri on top. This will not only make it exceptional, but it also gives your package a unique, rustic, and simple look that no one is expecting.

3D stickers

Placing flowers and binding stuff can make the box a little messy too. So if you need to make a clean and simple package, don’t use them. Just use 3D stickers instead of those papers. There is no trick to use that. Just stick the appealing stickers on the top of your package and place the lid on the box wherever you want, to give those stickers a glowing look.

Oversized embroidered star

For making this style, first, draw some stars of different shapes and sizes on the top of your package. Then take a thin lid and stick it on the lines of stars. If you cannot stick them perfectly, take scotch tape and bind it on the stars. After doing this, bind some of the lids on the edges and corners of the boxes too. This will make your package looks glowing like a star. If you don’t want to create the boxes, you can also buy gift boxes wholesale in bulk.

Glitter spots

Take the glue tube and put it in small circles on the top of your box. Then sprinkle some glitters carefully on those glue spots and left it to dry. Do not put a single color glitter, take multiple ones, and make an attractive combination and alignment. After it dries out, shake off the excess glitter from the package. Those small circles of glue can be seen shining now. Now take your lid and bind it around the box or tape it between the glittering circles. This will make give your box a more glowing look.

Scrap paper Christmas trees

You can take simple papers of different designs and styles. Now cut those papers into small triangles, like a Christmas tree shape. You can cut it exactly like Christmas trees; it is your choice. But to save time, then simple triangle shapes would be enough. Stick these triangles on the top of your package with glue or tape, and place a golden star on the top corner of every triangle to make it prominent to be a Christmas tree. You can place small lids between these paper triangles, or you can just bind it around the box. 

Decorative sticky tape

The sticky sparkly tape is another astonishing way to decorate your gift box. This kind of tape is not limited to just stick things. You can place the lid everywhere on your package and then just stick it with the sparkly tape to give it a more glowing look. Or you can place paper shapes or sketches in the middle of the boxes and then cover it with sticky tape. There are many elements that you can do with these tapes using some of your creative designing skills.

With these homemade styles, you don’t have to buy decorative gift boxes with lids. Just buy a lid instead and decorate your package in your creative way. Because with creativity, even the most common materials can become useful, just make sure that you create unique and exclusive stuff.