Want to join a leading company in the packaging industry? www.myboxpackaging.co.uk is providing a reseller program for entrepreneurs and startups. We aim to give some of the best products and services to the most number of customers. Providing the best items at a relatively economical price is what we are looking forward to. We strive to support our partners in every matter and to grow faster as well. You will get many growth opportunities when joining us. We can also help in elevating your business by effectively using our products. The more products you sell, the more rewards you will get.


We can reward you in different ways. Talking about you as a reseller, you can rebrand the products you get from us with your brand name. You will also manage the initial stages of your customers’ accounts and billing. We also offer the best prices due to our economical material cost and use of modern technology in manufacturing. A highly professional and expert team is there to design the fascinating boxes for you economically. Moreover, you can enjoy some other benefits with us as well. Those are as follows:

Completely customize packaging

You can rely on us in this regard as we are among the leading suppliers to provide customized boxes. You and your clients have peacefulness when you join us. It is mainly because of the quality and customization options we provide in terms of overall design and printing. It is due to the modern technology and techniques with a great variety we use in this regard. We have a diverse range of printing, finishing, and many other options that many customers want. You will send us the requirements, and we will make sure everything is strictly done according to those requirements.

Free services

One of the major advantages that you will get by joining us is that we offer many free services to our resellers. Like you will get free shipping that you can pass to your clients. You will also get free of cost die-cutting option. It is also possible to get free design support.

Membership levels:

Membership Level

Reseller Discount

Reward Points











Program benefits

  • Purchasing benefits
    • Discounts on the products
    • Tiered Pricing
    • Rewards Points

Shipping benefits

    • Free of cost ground shipping in the UK
    • Non-Branded (blind) drop shipping is available
    • Two printed samples shipped to the billing address in the UK free of cost
    • Notification of tracking via email